Rules regarding in-game conduct

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Rules regarding in-game conduct Empty Rules regarding in-game conduct

Post  Gottwald on Tue Aug 23, 2011 3:01 pm

The Zeonic Order of Muintir prides itself on behaving with dignity and respect. While we have not written up a list of rules for behavior in-game, there are a couple things worthy of note:

Respect authority. On the team channel, an officer's word is law; If they tell you to belay a topic, then you are expected to comply with that order. In PvP engagements, officers will be giving direction throughout team engagements to ensure we fight as best we can. This is in order to help us function as a cohesive unit in battle, and you are expected to obey orders. Insubordination will result in suspension of rank/demotion, depending on severity.

Respect others. Whether Zeon or EFF, we are all playing the same game. We can compete without treating our opponents like rubbish. Anyone found to be behaving contrary to the spirit of friendly competition and fair-play we value WILL be warned. Repeat offenders will be demoted in rank and other penalties my apply as well. If you encounter any member of Muintir that is behaving in a manner considered "Questionable" please feel free to PM myself or one of the Commanders. Screenshots are requested, to ensure accuracy of claims.

~ Captain Gottwald

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