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Zeon Weapons Crafting Empty Zeon Weapons Crafting

Post  Endymion on Mon Oct 03, 2011 7:32 pm

Current skill is 88.3. I'll try updating this post whenever I can.
Check here if you are unsure on what I can or can't make

Just make a new topic on this section and I'll try to get your order as soon as I can.
Right now the only weapons that give me trouble getting EX are Giant Bazookas and up. To me it seems that Beam Bazooka have a higher success rate for some reason, but some days crafting just seems wacked.

Soon I may just start stockpiling Beam Bazookas(EX and Regular), EX Heat Swords, EX MMP's, EX Giant Bazookas, and EX Shields like crazy.


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